Tuesday, October 11, 2005

there's something romantic

about seeing your work in another language, especially a Romance Language. It's like someone has come along & cut & polished the rough diamond you presented them till it sparkles in the light.

Ernesto Priego has translated into Spanish the poem in the post below. I am delighted by it. Honoured. Thrilled.

Dear friend.

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Ernesto said...

For me, translating is a way of writing what I did not write but wish I had. I read your poem around 11 p.m. last night, and I was thrilled -to use a verb you used-; I shivered thinking "damn, this is good". Not only because I can relate to the experience told by the poem, and because I tend to relate the experience of listenint to music and writing poetry, but because there is a simple complexity at play here, a "musicality" of the words, precisely, a "pattern" -also given by the hay(na)ku form-, that, curiously enough, lends itself perfectly for a Spanish rendering.

Piensa en un Mark Young en jazz latino.

A pleasure, Mark.