Saturday, October 22, 2005

Pi, Pythagoras & I (re-tried)

Given that
you can determine
the length of
any side of a
right-angled triangle
by the fact that the
square on the hypotenuse
is equal to
the sum of the squares
on the other
two sides
& calculate
the area
under a curve
by integration provided
the equation
of the line that the
curve follows
is known
or be tested to see
if you are pre-disposed
to diabetes or m.s.
or even cancer
by the make-up of
particular genes &
the use of
sequencing machines
why can’t I
by assigning weights
to all those things
I love or hate or
am indifferent to
arrive at a formula
that can easily
determine who
I am & what is pre-
destined for me?

amongst my loves are
kurosawa movies with
mifune in them tropical
thunderstorms self-
propagated macadamia
trees ready to drop
their fruit driving
long distances up &
down the coastline
little frogs that
cling to the security
screens bach the sun
just before it goes
behind the hills
lemon drink night
skies full of stars
the poems of frank
o’hara living with
lauren certain
species of birds that
I find exciting
because of how they
look how they sound
fruit bats tasty
cheese umberto eco
a whiter shade of pale
heard for the first
time broadcast on
a.m. radio 1700 kilo-
metres away & still
sounding great despite
the static stone
gardens meerkats over-
grown gardens my cat
certain tokens that
were given or found
& have acquired a
patina of magic ray
charles & aretha
franklin together is
a duet i would really
like to hear whales
south park black-ink
paintings with their
zen over- & undertones
the sound & sight of
the sea at all times
but especially when
it’s stormy vietnamese
food fifty years of
miles davis unseen
trains & seen mountains
the croak of frogs
below the window rené
magritte a new moon
with the old one
sitting in its lap the
chime of bellbirds
along isolate forest

& then the hates
an extreme distrust of
right-wing amerika the
taste of aniseed armed
intervention conservative
politics intelligent
design totalitarianism &

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