Monday, October 03, 2005

Most likely you go your way (& I'll go mine)

The fact that Jonathan Mayhew has received the rather Sillimanesque total of – so far – 31 comments on his posting about being indifferent to Dylan seems to suggest to me that it’s difficult being indifferent to being indifferent about Dylan.

But I’m confused about this either / or thing that wends its way through the comments. You see, unlike most of the respondants, including JM, I like both Dylan & Coltrane. Does this mean I need to see a doctor? Or does it just mean that it takes a Bob to laugh, it takes a Trane to cry?

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Ernesto said...

I do like Dylan and Coltrane, too. As I do like Nina Simone AND Antony and the Johnsons, or Billie Holiday AND Laurie Anderson.

I guess expressing indifference towards someone-something is valid, but I'd rather, personally, write about stuff I do care about. That's just me. Not a dictum.

Sometimes blogs get so childish...