Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Diurnal Nokturno

In a recent post to dbqp, Geof Huth wrote:
"Tonight, I’ve added a link in my sidebar to the Finnish webzine Nokturno, which its proprietor, Marko J. Niemi, describes as a “kind of a Finnish UbuWeb.” Nokturno includes a good selection of digital, visual, and sound poetry from across the planet, but especially from Finland. Nokturno has lots of interesting material in its pages, though a command of Finnish will help you understand the content."
Marko, who also has a textual blog, Elämä on larffii!, & a vispo blog, Nurotus, which has in its archives some amazing vispo hay(na)ku, has just honoured me by including in Nokturno a couple of pages of my work translated into Finnish. One page is a selection of marquee pieces taken from the pelican, the other is of chessboard poems which have previously appeared in print journals, most recently Crag Hill's Spore.

I'm in great company at Nokturno, & am most honoured to be included. Many thanks, Marko.

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