Saturday, October 01, 2005

Craig Freeman,

who used to write under the name Joseph Garver, has some new long intense poems up at his blog which is now called Twin Variations & which used to be called Being (which is how I've got it in the sidebar) & was called The Red Dragon & the Black Beast before that, & called Blue flax sucks at your heaving something-or-other before that, & before that there were two altogether separate blogs.

Two points to make. Knowing Craig's prediliction for deleting posts, & blogs, I'd suggest you visit fairly soon. &, possibly, judging by the current shape of his earlier posts, I think that there is an html closing bracket missing.

There's also, amongst the earlier posts, a selection of firearms offered as potential domestic protection instruments in response to a post by Eileen Tabios some time back when she mentioned she may have intruders. Perhaps she can make use of them now to coerce her six billion peeps into ensuring that she breaks the world record & gets included in the Guinness Book of Records for having the most blurbs ever written for one book.

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Anonymous said...

they're variations and collage based on Addie Tsai's manuscript, When Half The Body Sings. how are you mark?