Saturday, October 08, 2005

a little bit of self-promotion

Even though I, for some reason or other, cannot download it, the latest weekend edition of miPOradio includes me reading. Four poems, El Culo de Bettie, & three of the four unblogged Series Magritte poems included in the upcoming, Tom Beckett edited, issue of MiPoesias.

(checking the links, I discover that tho I can't download the podcast entire, I can download the individual pieces)

& Billy the Blogging Poet, who maintains a continuously-refreshed list of recently-updated poetry blogs, has included pelican dreaming in his other, manually augmented, another blog each day, list, Tooth Rats And 100 Blogging Poets!, where it gains some reflected glory from the company it has joined.


didi said...

Hi - The cuco poem of Bettie is on the show -- not the ones on the Tom Beckett issue. Those will be out next week.

Thank you.

Geof Huth said...


I listened to these last night, after receiving the notice from Didi. Wonderful readings, they give greater depth to the words on the screen themselves.


Billy Jones said...

The glory is no doubt in-part your doing. Thanks for the link.