Wednesday, May 25, 2005

That which was lost has been found again

This morning, after several attempts, at intervals of several hours, & finding only the dreaded Blogger 404 - Page Not Found when I tried to log on to Tom Beckett's whispers within whispers, I assumed, since I had no problems accessing every other blog I tried, that he'd pulled the plug again & so I posted a wailing note of despair.

I am relieved, nay, overwhelmed by joy, to find I was in error; that when I checked several more hours later whispers was back in all its glory. Perhaps a little suffused with blushes in the cheeks & other parts, & panting a bit, because of Eileen's poem to Tom.

Accordingly, I have deleted my earlier post, & have instructed my lawyers to begin proceedings against the corporate hierarchy of Google for causing me emotional distress.

(This someone on the Tropic of Capricorn who also misses face to face contact loves you very much, Tom.)