Wednesday, May 11, 2005

&, on the subject of Jukka

He has recently taken up photography. & how! His recent posts at nonlinear poetry have been a continuation of his textual conjecturing, manipulation, through a different medium. But at textual conjectures, the photos he has just started posting there are pure poetry. Jukka poetry.

We talk sometimes about photographs as being like poems, & photographers will often say how they wish to achieve a poetic quality in their work. But these works of Jukkas are no similes. I have never, never, never ever seen before photographs that are poems. Have just received an email from Jukka to say that
"I have made a little "gallery", most photos you've seen in nonlinear/ conjectures/stay resident, but there is also a bunch of more experimental shots, entitled "nondimensional". You'll find it at"

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