Saturday, May 14, 2005

a kind of post(ed) comment

Unlike this & most other blogs, where the comments are displayed on a secondary page, As/Is has, for some time now, had its comments mixed in with the poems. It is probably the ideal setup for a poetry blog; but it has recently soured somewhat for me by the influx of a number of 'commenters' who seem more intent on posturing, on spraying a tomcat scent, than offering any honest response to or constructive criticism about the posted poetry.

They remind me of the character Horst Bulcholz played in The Magnificent Seven, the western remake of The Seven Samurai. This probably sounds - & probably is – patronising, but it's almost like they don't know how to behave in public. & the pity of it is that their own blogs are worthwhile, show none of the tendencies that have irritated the shit out of me over recent weeks.

So, I’ve decided to include them in my links, have added to the sidebar Jesse Crockett's differentia & PR Primeau's 'P'R'O'C'E'S'S'I'O'N'. Check them out, there's some good stuff there.


Jesse said...

I could be flattered by your having been irritated for "weeks." I find As/Is to be an irritating blog, possibly in equal measure to your view of the sour comments. I entered my best positive and constructive thoughts when due.

Dirt Editor said...

i didn't realize that i was troubling you. i post how i feel & nothing more -- my comments shouldn't be construed otherwise, especially not as "tomcat scent."

appreciate the plug, though.


mark young said...


I apologise for the sexism. My remarks were intended to be gender-neutral.