Sunday, May 01, 2005


When I drive cab
           A revelation of movement comes to me: They wake now.
           Now they want to work or look around. Now they want
           drunkenness and heavy food. Now they contrive to love.

Lew Welch: After Anacreon
Martin Edmond, who I consider to be the best writer of creative prose - a phrase I'm not particularly happy with but I can't think, at the moment, of a better one; perhaps speculative prose - in blogland, has hived off his taxi-driving pieces from Luca Antara & has posted them to a new blog, dérives, which doesn't so much ask the question Where to?, but rather Wherefore?

Hire thee hence. There is no flagfall. The journeys are free, exciting, enlightening, insightful. The destinations varied & endless. This is a gypsy cab.

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Robert said...

thanx for the heads-up, Mark...looks like essential reading