Thursday, May 05, 2005

My favourite Dylan song

is probably Love minus zero / no limit.
In the dime stores & bus stations,
people talk of situations,
read books, repeat quotations,
draw conclusions on the wall.
Don't know why I thought of it. Actually, I do. It's the post below, Qin the Emperor, Quinn the Eskimo.
Qin the
Emperor gets here

body's gonna
jump for joy.


KK said...

My favourite Dylan song would have to be She's Your Lover Now. Couple of reasons. The love story in the song is both typical and irrelevant. But, listen to the rendition. No wonder D. never actually recorded the song, because nobody, not even the God of Interpretations & Variations himself, could have topped this one performance (published in the Bootleg Series). I'm not sure anybody could repeat it, the way he decides to phrase his lines & stress his syllables. The performance is so amazing that it puzzles even the band: eventually they can't follow his lead anymore and the whole thing collapses and just stops in mid-song. Which is my other reason for liking the rcording. The only other band I know who have done this is the Grateful Dead who once gave out a double CD of a concert that ended like that. It's like Horowitz ending a concerto on a wrong note. Nothing to it.

Greg said...

Man, favorite Dylan song. I'd have to keep on reposting evry day, it changes so much. It has been your choice on some days though. Lately, I've been going back to "Oh Mercy" (rediscovering that particular sound) so I'd guess I'd have to choose "Most of the Time" right now. Or maybe...