Sunday, August 01, 2004

That was a good idea
you had, sending me
the answers in
advance. Here
are my questions
in response. Note that
an answer can have
several questions. Where
you write that
daguerreotypes are
a greater agent of
change than a mere
silhouette, my question
could be either "what
is it that brings you
so close to madness?" or
"what part does your cat
play in the choice of
colours with which
you fill your dramas?" &
do not feel obliged to
take them in the order
I have placed them. One
has to start somewhere.
By all means break them
apart, reassemble them
so that what you have
already said might
take on an unintended
meaning. I have also
inserted some additional
answers to questions
I have yet to ask, &
embellished some
where I felt your answer
was ambiguous. & I still
have to frame the thread
of inquiry that leads up
to your final answer "the
boy I was no longer is
a catalyst for yearning."

1 comment:

Martin Edmond said...

Is this perhaps the A&Q I've been waiting for? The final A sounds right ... waiting now for the Q.