Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Aural Jukka

The amazing Jukka-Pekka Kervinen - composer, visual poet, editor, manipulator extraordinaire of text, publisher (there are links to all of his activities in the sidebar at the right) - now has a new string to his bow, sound poetry.

He emailed me a link to his first piece which is "...made with speech synth, Csound DSP language and my own program" this morning. I found it quite an amazing piece. It's choral & canonical - the phrases re-entering, repeated, over-laying one another; it's like some of his visual pieces in that some of the words aren't totally defined but phase in & out, with their different textures & timbres; & it's one of his manipulated text pieces as well. & having the words in front of me as I listened to it helped me appreciate it more.

I have his permission to publicise it. The piece is called "omega thumbs" - at least that's the name of the file - & is available as an MP3 download here.

This is the text the piece is based on:
fiction worked absence ending pride chop dozen crunch seventh careers levels, produce sense cluster mails son waist gear, song ware brick fishy menace irr unpack rough largest remote awhile, wheat why hostile, omega thumbs keeper thereof why waded setback sphere acts bypass wearing rubbing revise pack linking phones steep lion glue then parity taller divine bitch domino scores averts dive crowded lady tire snake
Later (11.30 p.m.) omega thumbs is now up at Jukka's textual conjectures.


harry k stammer said...

Mark, this definitely beats the version that adobe reader would give... see my commnent on Jukka's site.

cheers, hks

Okir said...

Finally got a chance to hear Jukka; this is cool -- thanks for posting it.