Sunday, August 29, 2004

even though

photographs of the trials at Guantanamo Bay cannot be taken by reporters because the U.S. Government has declared that this contravenes the Geneva Conventions

even though
the U.S. Government has contravened the Geneva Conventions in every other aspect of this incarceration

even though
the trials have been declared illegal by an international panel of jurists

even though
Mamdouh Habib & David Hicks, the Australians interned there, would, if they were sent home, be set free because they have committed no crime under Australian law

even though
even in this judicial farce they may still be be found innocent

none of this means jackshit
because they can still be declared
"enemy combatants"
& kept detained
at the pleasure of
George W. Borg

even though
the linking of
"George W." &

is outlawed
under the Geneva Conventions
as a cruel &

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