Friday, August 06, 2004

Missing you Joseph

I have been remiss in not mentioning that David Nemeth posted a page of hay(na)ku to his a couple of days ago.

Put it down to the fact that I have been searching for a suitable quote from H.P. Lovecraft to bemoan the fact that both of Joseph Garver's blogs have sunk beneath the sea like Cthulhu's island leaving only circling seagulls & a "Page Not Found" behind.

If I had a time machine I would stage a New Orleans funeral, where we all marched behind the blogcoffin to the mournful strains of "Flee like a bird to the mountain"; & then, after the preacher had cast a sod of earth into the grave & intoned "He was an writer of excellent hay(na)ku until the butcher cut him down", the band would break out into "Didn't he ramble" & we would all head back to a bar to remember him & his works.

But the only time machine I have is the back pages of As/Is from whence comes this hay(na)ku of Joseph's:
My bed
Dear Sir, sorry

Missed you
Signed, The Monster.


David said...

Thanks for the mention. I just keep on practicing at these hay(na)kus, an interesting form . . . form . . . why am I attracted to this form?

joseph said...


it just wasn't happening no more.

j. garver