Thursday, August 05, 2004

Meanwhile, on the Starship Enterprise

Chris Murray's delightful little book, Meme Me Up, Scotty!, which she produced to accompany her recent reading at The Carrboro Poetry Festival, has just been transported into my letterbox.

A deceptive volume in that it has much more weight than its size suggests.
It dances, it sings. It is an exquisite collection. From "Jump Phrasing 1" that starts
Turning it on garden then
standing fresh
in blueberry for
the grace
through to the beautiful "Postcard from Novi Sad" that ends
...your first cry, your first I, that one
echo holding you on the sloped roof
of first word, first window gaze
on yes: shared, how "things are good."
Yes, Chris, things are good. I would have loved to have been there to hear you read these poems.

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chris said...

Mark, Hello!

Thanks so much for this warm mention of my book. So good to know it made its way over to Australia and is being enjoyed. I'm on the run right now in Arizona on personal biz but stopped to find a computer and look into my favorite blogs, finding this very pleasant surprise here. So nice to know the poems are thought so well of.

Best Wishes,
Chris Murray