Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Reciprocities & some more e-zines

I am reciprocating the kindness given to me by their links to the pelican & have added Josh Corey's Cahiers de Corey, Lisa Urbanic & Vincent Ponka's Ironic Cinema & Jack Kimball's Pantaloons: Tykes on Poetry to the sidebar.

& a very new blog that has the makings of a very good blog, Kirsten Kaschock's Negative Wingspan. My thanks to Josh Corey for his post that brought this to my notice.

Have also added a few more ezines - Big Bridge, Shampoo, Trout & Znine.

& am thinking about putting the Referrer's List back up. Was experiencing difficulties in the downloading of the pelican - maybe its beak was too full - so I took it off. It seems to be running okay now, so I'll probably restore it shortly.

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