Sunday, June 20, 2004

The correspondence of M.C.Escher

Each evening he would write
what had happened
to him on the back
of an envelope. Sometimes
would add an address
to the front & send them
off to people he knew
or to others picked
at random from the pages
of the telephone directory. He
kept no record of where
they went; paid little
attention to what he
wrote. Now & then
he would send them to
himself. Could not bear
to throw them away
when they arrived. A pile
grew on the table in the
hallway. One day he read
them. That evening
he wrote about it. Addressed
it. Sent it off. To himself.

1 comment:

Okir said...

Really? Did he do this? I would love to get correspondence from M.C. Maybe some of it is still floating around. He would've made an interesting blogger.