Friday, June 04, 2004

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

A new issue of Jukka's e-journal xStream is out. Siblings as always, straight & auto.

There is an excellent pre-tornado post by Chris Murray on Jukka's new images that is extremely thoughtful & insightful.

& the following extract from an email from Jukka about his most recent pieces may be of interest.
Yes, if you mean the new images, they are hard to read and
it is deliberate. I wanted to letters and words disappear
and re-appear like being in a heavy fog. I want reader
to try 'guess' words. Basically the whole idea is (again)
from music and composition. There are (this is only one
categorization) two kinds of indeterminacy; between composer
and score, and between score and player(s). I try to simulate
different kind of indeterminate situation, where the point is
not the random/stochastic methods I use, the indeterminate
situation is between the paper (image/poem) and reader.
Althought it is 'hard' to 'read' (actually I didn't mean
that words are read as much as seen), I have enjoyed my
'personal, intimate' stochastic process of 'reading' them.

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