Tuesday, October 19, 2004

a weather report

Rain, finally, after months of dry. Bucketing down. So dark I turn the lights on at 1.30 p.m. only to have them go out five minutes later as the power goes off. Thunder & lightning, directly overhead, only nanoseconds between flash & crash, not even enough time to count to one. I sit in the open area beneath the house, some metres back but not far enough to escape the rain which sweeps in everywhere. I do not care. The gutters flood. Through a blurring curtain falling off the roof I watch the water start to lap over the edges of the pool. Ten minutes ago it was several centimetres lower down. The cat cowers under another chair. The turtles of the Woolwash Lagoon will be hurrying to lay their eggs. At the first sign of rain...Branches break off trees. There are no birds.

The storm moves away. The birds return. The power doesn't come back on for another twenty minutes.

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harry k stammer said...

ah, rain... SoCal, too... keep those tarps handy. hks