Saturday, October 23, 2004

la rive gouache

Vermillion. Or
crimson. Washed
through. The
linkages are. Not
primaries. Re-
lated to. Within
the continuum
of the mnemonic.
Painterly. J.M.W.
(-esque). Threads
used to tie. Sea
to sky. To land.
Pictorial implications.
Colour against
colour. The binders
form or common
borders. Unlike. Words.
Use other words.
The. Spaces. In
between. Much
like. Life. The
comparing of one
experience against
another. The matching
the. Marrying up
the. Placing of. Them.
Pass by & re-
arrange the past
in passing.
Some colour.
Occasional song. In
between. The spaces.

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