Friday, October 01, 2004

Now it's Jukka the calligrapher

at both Nonlinear Poetry & textual conjectures.

The sites overlap more than they ever have; but if I were genotyping I would describe them as having the same father but different mothers - though close, like sisters - because, to me at least, the images on each site devolve from what has preceeded them on that particular site.

It is interesting to see the progression in his work. He experiments, masters each new technique that he has developed, moves on from it but brings it & its precedents along & uses them when he feels they would augment so that, at times, there is the synergy of several styles in a new piece. The constants are an incredible ability to use space (for unlike a linear creator, these pieces are worked within a fairly defined area), an excitement, a sense of discovery, of mysteries of which we see only a portion but can find for ourselves now that we have been shown an entrance.

Every time I visit his blogs it is with anticipation. I am never disappointed. Jukka fills me with awe. I truly believe we are watching genius at work.


KK said...

Ditto on all points. It's like listening to Mozart. You're not quite sure whether it's the music itself or the performance that awes you. You can but enjoy both and consider yourself blessed.

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen said...

I am wordless, thanks Mark (and thanks K for his comment) !