Friday, October 01, 2004

Cthulhu's Island

This post should really have a voice-over from David Attenborough, all breathless BBC, for its subject has displayed a tendency to delete his posts or, at worst, delete his blogs altogether.

I am quietly adding The Red Dragon & The Black Beast to the sidebar. I am giving as its owner the name Simon Hoth. He posts as Simon, & since my previous nonemclature of him as "Hoth" - He of the heteronyms - has now been picked up by David Nemeth in his listing of newly-linked blogs I have decided to put the two together.

Tread softly when you visit. He has a tendency to run away. Whatever name you use to call him to you.

1 comment:

David said...

I kind of thought it was "Simon Hoth", though with my prediliction to get names wrong ;-) , I decided against posting the combination. Still regarding Hoth, Simon Hoth, it could still all be a "masonic cryptogram".

Regardless of poet's name, The Red Dragon & The Black Beast is not a site for the placid poet, it absorbs the reader through struggle and hindrance, it demands the reader to push through the awkwardness and perplexity, and it is difficult.