Saturday, October 16, 2004

Not Apple Danish but Astral Finnish

from an email from Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, 10/13/04
btw, Mark, we met you know, I saw a nice dream where you and I met, and you spoke Finnish ! That's all I can remember...
from an email from Karri Kokko, 10/15/04
For what it's worth, I wanted to tell you I saw you in my dream last night. As it happened, you were sitting beside the road in a residential area of Helsinki, just a block away from where I used to live as a teenager. You were sitting on the ground, cross-legged, and presumably reading a book or writing something in a journal. I've seen your picture, and although this guy looked nothing like you, I recognized you immediately. Walking up to you, I said: "Täällä se pelikaani vaan uneksii." You looked somewhat puzzled, at first, but soon enough picked up who I was. We started talking, in perfect Finnish, of course, just like two friends carrying on an old conversation, and eventually launched on a long, meaningless walking journey through the city. Nothing important happened, and I don't remember any specifics about our exchange, but the overall feeling of the dream was delightful and pleasant. Strange things happen over our collective internet, wired or not.
What's Finnish for spooky?


KK said...

Wow! Literally, spooky means either "karmiva" or "karmaiseva" (as in scary). But for you, receiving those two emails wasn't frightening, was it? Therefore, one's reaction, in Finnish, would be more like "Uu-uu, jännää!" Personally, the coincidence, if there are any, leaves me speechless. "Olen sanaton."

mark young said...

definitely not frightening, so I'll go with the Uu-uu, jännää!