Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What $100 Million buys you these days

or: Poetry? I thought you were giving it for poverty.

or: I'll do you an obscenity for $1 if that's what you're after, & throw in a blowjob for free.

Twenty-three Ways to Say I Love You
Valentine's Day poems from the PoetryFoundation.org archive.

Almost Brand New
Publishers select their favorite love poems from recent books.

Ted Kooser Sends His Love
Selections from the Poet Laureate's annual Valentine's Day postcard poems.

Forgotten Love
Discover why Tagore is one of the most beloved poets in Asia.
(from Poetry Magazine)

Hearing Voices at the Met
Fra Angelico and the dramatic monologues of Browning. By W.S. Di Piero.

Two Drama Kings Take on a Master
Paul Giamatti and Alfred Molina Read "Fra Lippo Lippi" and "My Last Duchess."

Reading Guide: Robert Browning
In the realm of the world-class talkers.

The Diction of Dance
Applying poetics to dance: a review of the most recent New York dance season.

To Infuse (As Life) By Breathing
Facing a grim diagnosis, a man has a charmed collision with a poem. A story by Elaine Segal.

Would She Have Been a Blogger?
A letter from the editor about this new site and the founder of Poetry.


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