Monday, September 26, 2005

The Immaculate War

The Immaculate War, PR Primeau's chapbook of what he describes as 23 pages of surreal poetry, has just been published by Persistencia*Press.

I read it in manuscript, & my comments at the time were:
I like the poems in The Immaculate War more & more each time I read them. At first there were just a few that jumped out at me, the title poem, Isidore, we walk to church, we have a son, & I had this feeling about some of the others when I read them that they contained a specific word, or words, that were almost fault points, that the poem disappeared down them as though a plug had been pulled. Now, reading them again, I don't understand what made me think that way. As I said, they've grown on me.
Details of how to obtain a copy, plus a couple of extracts, are up at PR's blog.

He also has a wonderful poem in the latest issue of eratio.
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