Friday, September 16, 2005

Babur, a ficcione for Karri Kokko

So much on the
positive side. Founder
of the Moghul
Empire, great grand-
son of Tamur the
Lame & therefore
descended from
the great Genghis
Khan. It is a lineage
easily able to hold
all the existing
continents together
as a single land
mass. Quite the
white night; & that's
how the miniatures
inevitably display
him. But the friezes
at Khajuraho tell
a different bed-
time story,
show him with
an extensible tongue
inside an elongated
skull that is totally
resistant to tarnish &
corrosion. His glorious
victories at Panipat
are not depicted
here. What is is how
he got his name, The
Man who Lost
his Lung in the
Battle of Kunnilingam.
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KK said...

Oh, man. Thanks, Mark.


Anny Ballardini said...

Ah ok, I should have read this precious text before sending the previous mail which comments a later writing,

obviously I _enlarge_ my apologies,