Sunday, December 19, 2004

a week in the life of JoJo

yo wazz up, ppl!
My first posting worx.. heehee.. clap for me.. *clap*clap* juz kidding! Mmm.. currently now nothing to share la.. If i have things to share, sure got thing to share de.. haha.. i will be back for things to share.. Muahaha.. I will be sharing all the stuffs around me.. and maybe lame jokes too.. haha.. LoLx.. Rock my life! Cya!
~signing off~
aka JoJo

Argh.. Ouch! and Yea..!
heehee.. today i helped my church to distribute fliers ar.. quite tiring la, but is fun and worth it la.. Juz don't know why ar.. Haha, I juz luv my church a lot..! revival nation, Rock 'n' Roll! So after i came home, I got terrible headache.. Argh! *Pain*Pain* I hate it! haha! Mmm.. so i pray and tell God to take my headache away.. hee! So after for a while, it's gone.. haha! Yea! Thank you, God! you see, God can do anything. Nothing is impossible for God! With God, things will be great.. Muz have this craziest for God! Ya? Heehee..
~signing off~
aka JoJo

yea! water baptism on the 26th Dec 04!
Woo.. my church will being having water baptism on 26th Dec 04. Muahahaha.. This is the day, I have been waiting for... Although I know that I will have parents objection.. But I wanna go for it because of God. Hm.. Coz He called me to go for it and etc... haha! (come and ask me more about it. very interesting worx.) heehee.. Me wanna know God more and more daily. I want to talk to Him and hear Him daily too. haha.. Wanna have visions and dreams from Him. The most importantly is want to win more and more people to know Christ. Yea! hee! Juz keeping loving God forever! Rock 'n' Roll again! =X Oops! Juz Kidding!
aka JoJo

How's my life before I know God...
So before I know God.. All this days, in my life is meaningless.. Friends around me, want to commit suicide. Hate my family, feel like killing them, so that my life may be good without them.. Basically no love at all loh… until I get to know God.. His love is great, powerful and etc.. Accepted Christ, because He touched my life and He’s the one who give me a chance to prove that I can change. Want to love Him more and more everyday.. Mmm.. I think that all, coz i make it shorter.. haha..
Heehee.. I accepted Christ on 28th March 2004.. Wow.. still rmb.. haha! lol!
H.M. Texas

How I got my tongue? (Holy Spirit's language)
haha.. I received my tongue on Thursay, 20th May 2004. Some more in class leh... Keke! Cool ar?! Mmm.. It go like this.. That day, I was having my maths lesson in class, then felt boring and a bit moody la.. So decided to put my head on the table and rest. Then for a moment, my teacher called me to wake up and dont sleep. So I talked back to her, saying that I didn't sleep la.. So I put my head on the table again, and i don't know why I started to open my mouth and speak in tongue. So I wanted to stop it cos' i scared that people will get shocked for nothing.. But I juz couldn't stop it, until for a while and it juz stopped..(Luckily is not very loud, or else i think everybody would be staring at me.) Then my heart was beating so fast.. Really it's super fast! (Wow!) Then my friend sitted slightly a part from me, he's like in a shocked.. He looked at me and asked me, "What are you doing?" Then I smiled back to him and said nothing.. Hahaha.. I was delighted.. Woo.. Feel like shouting at that moment but I can't.. heehee.. So before I got my tongue, I just didn’t doubt God and I kept praying and asking God for it. Yup! So new Christian, whenever you pray, don't doubt God. If you do, then it mean u don't trust Him.. So keep praying and ask God to give you tongue, if you dont have la.. Soon you will get yours.. Trust the Lord with your whole heart..
A kid who want to have visions and dream from God,

say Wow! cos' my cousin is saved..
Muahaha.. =X Oops! to happy ar.. Can't wait to share...! My cousin, Celeste, accepted Christ today... Wow! Clap for her! *clap*clap* heehee.. Yea! u know what?! next will be my parents! haha! God bless them! After my parents, then will be my whole household. Amen? Yea! Just keep loving God and really trust in Him.. Yea! I really want to see all of my friends to get save too.. Cant wait for that too...! Yea?! Yahoo!

Yoyo.. wazz up, ppl!
Haha! Finally a friend of mine kena saved.. haha! i dont know when la. Me, everytime called her to go my church, but she dont want.. She always mixed with bad accompanies la.. Me, worry for her until like siao.. heehee! Sometime also pray for her, hope that she will get to know Christ. Hooray! now she know who is He! Praise the LORD! prayer works! God is listening! ok?! dont play play ar.. =X Oops! haha! now she's currently in hostel la... Sigh.. nevermind! haha.. i told her to come my church after she come out.. then she said, 'OK ar'! haha.. Yea!

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One of my childhood dogs was named Jojo, her daughter is Fuzzbucket, still living