Sunday, December 19, 2004

sound & vision

I am not a radiohead, usually only listen to it in the car. Watch tv, & am conditioned by its weekend rules of Saturday = sport, Sunday = things serious. Which is why I only caught the last half of Jill Jones reading her poetry on Radio National because I saw her post announcing the upcoming program & filed it away as serious = Sunday, forgetting radio does not run under tv rules. But I loved what I heard, & will catch up with the full program when it is linked at the Poetica site. Hopefully it will be up tomorrow (Monday) & will be available for the next four weeks or so. Hie thee hither.

Had to load RealPlayer in preparation to listen to it, & glad I did, because when I logged back on later on there was an email from Michele Leggott saying that video clips plus texts of the poems from the reading for the 3rd birthday celebrations were now up at the New Zealand electronic poetry centre . So if you want to see a ten minute clip of my first reading for thirty years it's available there in both dial-up (resolution in dial-up is pretty crappy so best kept as a smallscreen) & broadband formats.

11.05 p.m. The link to Jill's broadcast is now in place. Listen to it. It's a beautiful & moving program.

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harry k stammer said...

ten minute clip is great... it seems like you read every night... thanks, hks