Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Series Magritte

I was reminded when posting The Listening Room below that it must be almost a year since the first poem in the series appeared. Checked, & found that it was twelve months & twelve days ago when the initial one was posted to As/Is.

Which is not why I posted TLR here. Series Magritte only contains links because (a) I'd probably get into deep shit with the estate of the late René if I had pages of images (b) it would take ages for the page to download & (c) sometimes the link(s) appear in the poem rather than the title. I've decided that I'd occasionally like to see both poem & painting together, & since I've got the hang of hello, I'll post a few here.

There have been 58 more poems since that first one, & I've jottings for another couple. Most are as they first appeared trotting across the wasteland of my brain; so there's shit & good, dark & light, directly referencing or only tangentially so.

& a confession. Giorgio de Chirico used to be my main man, but Magritte is now as I've dug & pried my way through his work. I love his juxtapositions, his familar/ unfamiliar objects & people in unfamiliar/ familiar surroundings.

& I still want to write a poem about the opening sequence to the Simpsons where the Magritte clouds appear.

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