Saturday, April 10, 2004

Mark's diacritic

Eagle-eyed observers may have noticed that what was once Rene at the top of the sidebar has now become René. My thanks go to the person who added a comment to a small poem of mine to Kurt Gödel – which I had as Godel - posted on As/Is some months ago. It's taken this long, plus the intervention of a comment on Crag Hill's poetry scorecard on what characters to use to insert spaces into blogger text, plus some experimenting on my posts, to put it all together. Not only can I now indent things if I want to but I can get rid of that annoying run-on effect that joins an italicised  word to the following plain text one –e.g. italicised word – that seems inherent to this particular blogger template.

I'd also like to thank Michele Leggott for using the word "diacritics" in one of her poems & thereby letting me know what the collective noun for all these little distinctive doodads is.

To all of you, just let me say áè - î ó ù.

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