Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Dreaming of Electric Sheep

The war continues
in Iraq. Nebuchadnezzar
has been found hiding
in a hole in the
ground. He refuses
to come out until
they turn Man
in the High Castle

into a movie. So many
other stories by the writer
filmed. Not yet
the best of them. The
Red Crescent gives him
food parcels, the Red Cross
rotates the DVDs
of Blade Runner   & Screamers  
& Total Recall   & Confessions
d'un Bario
  & Imposter
& Paycheck   on a
weekly basis. But not
Minority Report   because
Neb. considers Tom Cruise
to be a pussy. The war
continues. In the rooms of
the supersafe zones up above
the politicians come &
go, searching for photo
opportunites to help them
in their various elections.
They don't know Dick.

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