Thursday, April 01, 2004

I have been playing around using a chessboard as a matrix. Fill all of the 64 squares with one or two words. They can be selectively random - which is what I prefer - but could just as easily be a list of titles from a CD or a poem or a passage of prose.

Select a chess game at random, & a position within that game. Somewhere between the 10th & 20th move is best, because there are still most of the 32 pieces left on the board but they're quite well dispersed. Then remove all the words from the unoccupied squares. (Or you could take a much later position, & use only those squares that don't have pieces...)

Since this is a free blog I can't include any directly here; but there's a nice little pdf file in the latest issue of Jukka-Pekka Kervinen's xStream that contains three "games".

One of the many joys of xStream is the simultaneous auto issue that accompanies & rearranges in that inimitable J-P K way the poems contained within the "straight" issue. I've commented on it before

    Master Class in that
    a group of us
    are brought together
    & once we've finished
    demonstrating our skills
    are then shown
    how it should be

& then there's the ebooks, & the Wryting, & the collaborative works, & his widely-published poems & his wonderful blog.

Well worth the price of the airfare to Finland or the ethereal ether trip.

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