Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I hadn't visited

Clayton A. Couch's blog for some time. Everytime I went there since May, several times over several months, the space increasing each time, it hadn't been updated; & silent blogs of writers I like are like deaths in the family. So I stayed away.

But because he's recently posted some poems to As/Is, I decided to check back. Found it was active again, had changed its name from Word Placements to Humming to Itself. & it is humming.

Some good stuff there, & it's good to see you back in blogland, Clay.

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Clayton A. Couch said...

Hey Mark...

Thanks so much for the welcome back, and sending folks over to the blog. After two moves, a job change, a summer writing drought, etc. in '05, I've finally found time to post again. And you know...I couldn't stay away from the blogopolis for long.