Wednesday, December 14, 2005

hay hay hay(na)ku

the tyranny
of distance. I

am still waiting
for my

But others have received theirs. & I am pleased by the emails I have received, & by the responses that are beginning to appear on the blogs. Eileen has begun - & I'm sure will continue - to post links to them. & don't forget the competition - details below.


EILEEN said...

There's 2 copies that was airmailed to you....and 8 copies arriving via the slow boat to China.


mark young said...

wasn't complaining, just singing a supremes song - "keeping on waiting, anticipating".

I wouldn't
mind getting you

on a slow
boat to

k d
p x u

chris said...

don't mean to intrude on a happy moment of congress here, and i am no-one compared to editorial folk, but am asking since some students of my courses are in this pub, or so i heard, and next students might like to see published stuff as such: please ask someone to send a copy to me.

many gracious thanks, y'all.


chris murray

Ernesto said...

Just received my copy today. 'Tis beautiful. Thanks a lot for all the hard work you put into it, along Eileen and Jean.

desde México,
de tu amigo.

mark young said...

ernesto, to be able to publish work such as yours is a pleasure.
our thanks for your contributions.

EILEEN said...

eh chris,
I'm getting on a slow boat to China to get on down under and sing with mark. join our congress!
p.s. am backchanneling you re your copy

Jill said...

Hey Mark,

It's a bewdiful thing. A copy walked into Ruby Street this week, maybe yours are hiking up the Pacific Highway still. I haven't had time for deep contemplation but I hold it my hand and wonder at how such a thing happened so well.

Thanks to you and jean and all those connected.