Thursday, November 17, 2005

let him who is without senility

When you're young, you're reasonably forgiving of the foibles of the elderly – unless they're relatives - the way they drive, or get in your way in supermarkets & shopping malls. But I've found as I approach an age where the number of years is a redundant qualifier – not 64 years old, just old – that I am becoming increasing intolerant of those whose age loosely approximates mine.

Have just come back from a trip to the shops, spent silently – at least I hope so – cursing old ladies who use their trolleys as walking frames, & stop & block the aisle when they see someone who they've obviously known for a hundred years & haven't seen for a hundred seconds, &, later, since I am alone, audibly cursing old men who drive slowly, & don't indicate, & take the whole road to turn a corner.

& then I think about myself, an old fart talking to himself as he drives along, too close to the car in front, too close to those inside for comfort…..

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AlexG said...

getting old sucks. no one prepares you for it. the first time I was eligible for a senior discount I broke out in a sweat. I'm NOT old dammit. but of course I am. note a recent headline abt someone in her early 60s who was calld "an elderly woman."

I guess the only consolation is I'm not dead yet.