Thursday, November 03, 2005

Call me cynical

but having seen the dubious Gulf of Tonkin incident used as an excuse to start a war in Vietnam - "The President announced today that 16 military advisors would be sent to Vietnam. The purpose of these 32 advisors will be to help train the South Vietnamese Army. The 64 advisors will also visit hamlets to assist in military preparations. The 128 advisors...." to paraphrase Art Buchwald - & having seen the dubyass weapons of mass destruction used as an excuse to invade Iraq, & having seen the exaggerated fiction of the Children Overboard affair used as a ploy by the current Australian Prime Minister to ensure he won an election he was in danger of losing, why am I not surprised to see yesterday's headlines "Confirmed Imminent Terrorist Strike Threat in Australia" at a time when the Government was struggling to get its anti-terror legislation passed in the Federal Parliament and signed off on by the States.

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