Saturday, July 30, 2005

a belated pointer

Partially because I was aware that Jukka was on holiday, & partially because of the order of my side bar bloglist - I knew he would email text posts in, as he did last year, so I kept up with what was happening at textual conjectures, but I didn't think he'd be emailing visual pieces, so I would cursorily check telephone poles & mailXart & nonlinear & go no further down my bloglist when I saw no new posts there - I have only in the last few days caught up with the wonderful pieces he had been emailing in to self similar writing.

They have a delicacy about them, a pastel quality unlike, say, the "thick paint" of the telephone poles. Minimal perhaps in execution, but it's the essence they have about them, like breaking a lemon leaf & being confonted by the aroma of an entire grove of lemons.

These are works by a brilliant visual artist - that's possibly a tautology, but I'm trying to differentiate from Jukka the brilliant visual poet. I'm tempted to say by someone working at the top of their form. But having seen in the past how Jukka manages to develop beyond a point where most of us would stop, self-satisfied, I will refrain from saying that, preferring not to utter words that would be obsolete within a month or two. Will only say, go there, breathe them in, be inspired.


Anonymous said...

and they'd make great book covers

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen said...

Dear Mark,

Thank you very much of your kind words !

I'm now back from vacation, working
and enjoying all of this, as always.