Tuesday, November 02, 2004


kari edwards’ transdada was one year old on Sunday. My congratulations to hir for maintaining a site that continues to expose & to fight the hypocrisy, prejudice & horror of our so-called civilised world, a world that seems hell-bent on reverting to past times when inquisitions & fundamentalist crusades & the burning of witches were tolerated, even welcomed.

My admiration for kari is immense. There are times when kari seems drained by the effort; but then comes the bounce-back, stronger & more committed.

& then the poetry, unabated & as intense & brilliant as ever. See the recent posts on As/Is, the recent e-book from Poetic Inhalation.

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kari said...

thank you for your words.. and though some see the end with the US elections, kicking bush back into the outer land of texas, and electing kerry... it will be only a brief moment to celebrate and feel our collective power... than back to work . . . the war will still be raging, and way to many are dyeing at the hands of hate... we must never give up!!

thank you for your support!!!!