Wednesday, November 10, 2004

my regular nature commune

Often when I go up the road to the thriving metropolis of Rockhampton, I will detour on my way back to visit the Washwool Lagoon. It's a piece of peace, of sanity, my local equivalent of browsing in bookshops, though you can't take your discoveries home.

The pelicans have moved there, gliding along the water, gliding overhead as they enjoy the thermals. Beautiful, calming birds. I've found there are two varieties of turtle, short- & long-necked, skittish creatures that slide into the water at the slightest noise. In the water there are little black cormorants, swans, herons. Poised in the branches above it are beautiful small kingfishers, & occasionally groups of honeyeaters just there for the swimming, or at least a set of repetitive plunges.

& yesterday, ambling along the edge, a jabiru, the black-necked stork. About a metre & a half tall, red legged. & oh so elegant.

(& if I can ever work out how to use Hello, I'll post the jpg instead of linking.)

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