Monday, November 15, 2004

I have been remiss

in not previously mentioning Karri Kokko's translation into Finnish of #54 in my Series Magritte, The Future of Statues. He has also posted one of the five or so versions of the plaster cast of the death mask of Napoleon painted over by Magritte with white clouds in a blue sky & thus, to quote Paul Nougé in René Magritte ou les Images Défendues, "transforming, in a totally unexpected manner, the face of death itself".

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crescent said...

eh up thar yeah yes yeup. onnie madrid? marcus deschamps a field a cieul wots. rene "no pipee" flippinj magritte magritte fuk anti art i loved its art on the left centre the token spotf dos progra, code poetry gis a break i watched TP* telly