Monday, September 06, 2004

The Magritte Poems by Hannah Weiner

I rushed through the door.
You had bitten a way for me.

Hannah Weiner: Amorous Perspective
Tracking back along a search that landed somebody at my Series Magritte
I found The Magritte Poems of Hannar Weiner, written in 1966, first published by Poetry Newsletter in 1970 & reproduced & re-produced posthumously by the Buffalo epc as both html & pdf files.

They are delightful & precise poems, not a word out of place, & with accompanying notes on each of the eight that are a joyful accompaniment, not an explanation.

A common remark when people discover my Series is that "Everybody has a Magritte poem". That may be so, but these poems by Hannah Weiner are amongst the best of them. I am sad that I had not come across them until yesterday.

The painting, Amorous Perspective, aka Amorous Vista, that the poem above relates to can be found here.

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