Thursday, September 23, 2004

harry k. stammer, painter

The paintings at harry k. stammer's eponymous blog are well worth a visit. I've seen some of his work before, at As/Is, but they seemed to be compressed there, whereas here they are viewable in their full 4" x 4" glory, with all their painterly qualities coming through.

Harry writes in an email that they're part of a continuing series of road/word paintings that he's been doing over the last ten years. I especially like the one posted on 9/14.

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harry k stammer said...

Mark, thanks for your support. Just to clarify... the As/Is versions of the jpg's from the harrykstammer blog are cutup's of the original posts. The versions on the harrykstammer blog are cutup's of the original picture/paintings... and given the way that I usually work, are only an approximate 4"x4" rendition (highlight approximate).

cheers, hks