Thursday, May 06, 2004

A further note on the spangled drongo

In Australian slang, a drongo is a fool, a stupid person.
John Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia, is astute in the art of self-preservation politics – though he has shown recent signs of losing it – but he is a fool in his blind obedience to the diktates of Amerikan policy, especially that relating to Iraq. Mind you, he is of a height to be able to kiss George W. Borg's arse without having to bend his knees. & where Borg won his election on Florida chad, Howard won his through the CHildren overboArD affair which provided a convenient platform of lies three days before the last federal election.
Spangled, of course, evokes the star-spangled banner.
So put them together & you then have this picture of little Johnnie wrapped in the stars & stripes, leash in mouth, begging Borg to take him for a walk so he can go doo-doos.
& I don't think I’m alone in this imagining. Check out these editorial cartoons.

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