Friday, May 07, 2004

A couple of notes regarding the Hay(na)ku Anthology.

The editors will consider only hay(na)ku.

is, poems
having this form.

Anything else, no matter how good, will not be looked at.

However, what might be loosely described as "augmented" hay(na)ku - and by augmented the editors mean a poem that retains the inherent hay(na)ku form whilst containing other elements - are acceptable. (But bear in mind that the editors' definition of "augmented" may depend upon what additives were in that particular morning's breakfast cereal.)

Please indicate also if what is being submitted is a sequence or a series of separate hay(na)ku.

Feel free to send in both previously published and new work. Multiple submissions are allowed, but preferably in, say, a monthly bundle. A hay(na)ku a day might just keep the editors away.

Receipt of submissions will be acknowledged, but once the final selection is made, only those accepted for the anthology will be notified.

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