Thursday, August 11, 2005

Never understood that it ain't no good

When Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone first came out in New Zealand, it was released, because of its length, as a two-sided single. Which meant, on radio, that most times it would fade out before you turned around to see the jugglers & the clowns.

Only those announcers - deejay, my dears, was such an American word, so uncouth - who wished to prove how cool they were would play the full-length album track.

Was reminded of that cos I've just bought Greil Marcus' biography of the song. &, at the same time, Hunter S. Thompson's Kingdom of Fear. & the combination of the two writers also reminds me that in the days when the music was good, Rolling Stone was a great magazine. I think my favourite cover was by, I think, Annie Leibowitz, a photo of Dolly Parton with Arnold Schwarzenegger standing behind her.

& I also bought Charles Dickens' Hard Times. For nostalgia. Great book, terse writing. Dickens rushing to meet the weekly deadlines for its serialisation. Cost me $1, & so perches on the shoulder of the other two books like a Siamese cat.

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