Saturday, February 05, 2005


Just as the
seasons & the sun
& the position of
the other
stars start
growth in plants
& birds to
fly to imprinted

so, too, do
anniversaries of
certain incidents
in the life
of Giorgio de Chirico
cause bells
to fall silent &
fall to earth.

Antiquities weep
blood. In the
Byzantine piazzas
of the labyrinth
pigeons pause
& whisper


Martin Edmond said...

is it too much to hope for a series de chirico?

mark young said...

this actually is an unbadged series magritte, which i'll probably post there, avec accoutrements, tomorrow. but magritte quite often uses, either as direct uptakes or referently (& reverently), the images of de chirico who was probably his greatest influence. this poem hopefully parallels magritte's construction of his several versions of the same painting. &, in the sense of points of origin, series magritte is also a de facto series de chirico.