Monday, February 21, 2005

Karri Kokko

posts a moving hay(na)ku.


KK said...

Well, Mark, the other night I was watching and listening to the snowy suburban scape outside my window and got this idea about snow absorbing all the sounds (even the ones we here inside). And when in the morning my six-year old showed me the simple code for marqueeing text, I just couldn't help myself. So there.
Want to experiment? Just put the text (marquee)inside here(/marquee). (You have to use the other whatchamacallit brackets instead -- Blogger comments won't allow me to type them here.) You want more lines than one? You figure it out!

KK said...

I don't believe I made Josefin a six-year old. She's nine and a half, for crissakes! Sorry, sweetie.