Wednesday, January 05, 2005

a reciprocal act of love

The back story comes back for us:

reddest rockets of the universe, that stick out like sore celestial thumbs, and in the present tense there will be time. These rockets are earnest in the giving of wide to where we'll be. In time, vetting something with great civilizations of anteriour creatures who've crossed vast distances to exert overthrow or just normative hopalong pleasantly. Such as the gainsay, after we have met. And the whirl of future trust in spins and spans, halting only when the movie gets too rich, and residuals take the story line. you can see the stress factor of living such a life, there in the future, which we make even now. Trifle of laugh but mostly real screenwriting hard work, getting heroes in position with a kiss or two, and looks of flashing things of circumstance. Language will follow us everywhere.

And wend.
Am adding Allen Bramhall's writing blog Seize Song to the sidebar. He describes Seize Song as "an ongoing poem built into the season". First posted to a freehost site where he paid the mortgage through popups. The last time I visited I had five showing before I'd even finished downloading, & one so large it concealed the page.

Blogger's latest to earliest format may not be the most ideal for an on-going work but it's free of ads. & work this good shouldn't be dis-enhanced by the crass distractions of a plethora of popups.

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