Monday, July 12, 2004

A sequence of events

The epigraph at the top of this blog is the first line of a poem also called Pelican Dreaming. It continues "They were his touchstone...".
I posted two items yesterday.
The first was a 1917 quote from the British Army commander in Iraq. Iraq was called Mesopotamia then.
The second was a poem that mentioned New Zealand. The nickname for a New Zealander is a "kiwi". (A piece of en passant trivia: when I was growing up in N.Z. kiwi fruit were called Chinese gooseberries.)
I checked my hotmail account before logging off. There was a message whose subject was "footstep". Probably spam, but for once I opened it.
It was a random word piece, promoting pharmaceuticals. But its first three lines.....
supreme drown ejaculate kiwi catawba cult mourn irrevocable hailstorm promulgate gregarious specious judy surmise democratic colorado lost assent compunction touchstone turtleneck gedanken backwater mesopotamia
As Tom Beckett would say.